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Specializing in Money Management and Retirement Planning, 401k plan BFH Wealth Management LLC provides finance advice on retirement plans, 401k plans, 529 college savings plans, mutual funds, stock investing, bonds and more.

  • My goal is to help you achieve long term financial security.
  • I am a Fiduciary, which means I am legally obligated to work only in your best interest. I work for you - not a bank, Wall Street firm or insurance company.
  • I can help you select the best investment options such as stocks, bonds, over 3,000 no load mutual funds, ETFs, REITs, ADRs, cash, and hedging instruments.
  • I access over a dozen institutional money managers that offer over 80 diversified portfolios, and can help you to diversify by spreading your wealth across different investments to minimize risk.
  • I understand investing, retirement planning, income maximization and tax reduction strategies designed to grow your wealth, provide increasing retirement income, and manage the risk in your portfolio.
  • Many of my clients save significantly on their tax liabilities, and can invest this bonus savings to grow their investments pain free year after year.

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Contact me and lets talk. No obligation, lets explore if I can offer the best possible investment advice and honest recommendations that you can use. Plus, I am local. I support local groups and am an active volunteer here in the area. Don't trust a voice at the other end of an 800 number.

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Principal at BFH Wealth Management LLC
Serving Palos Heights and Surrounding Areas

Brendan Houlihan is a member of Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group
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I am a member of Elite IRA Advisor Group and train with Ed Slott and his team of IRA Experts on a continuous basis. This training includes immediate notification of changes to the tax code and updates on retirement planning, so I can advise you professionally to keep your retirement dollars safe from unnecessary taxes and fees.

Retirement planning is complicated, I am an IRA specialist and financial professional who invests $7,000 in education each year, just in IRAs alone. You can benefit from my training and knowledge at no cost.

I am one of approximately 450 members throughout the country armed with current, cutting-edge IRA information to help service their clients and clients' families. Our group encompasses a range of financial advisors, CPAs, estate planning attorneys and insurance agents. These high-caliber advisors are specialists in retirement distribution planning.

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